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With the Redstart solution Clarus helps Belgian morticians requesting certificates and permissions from their local council, while keeping overview on their daily business.

We helped:

- from switching between different apps or websites to all-in-one integrated software

- from multiple document locations to one central document storage place. gathering documents from multiple external resources into one place.



The ecobim ecosystem provides calculation software for 2D and 3D for the building trade. The Redstart ecobim-board application adds a project- and planning tool to this ecosystem enabling building professionals to organize and plan their business.

Resulting in:

- project planning and estimation

- task management

- digital timesheets

- document cloud storage

- connected to the other Ecobim tools and services



The company ProjectPro enables artists and creatives to manage all their HR affairs using the digital Redstart platform ProjectPro. The Redstart solution provides the employees of projecpro a digital office for handling and organizing all their records based on the input of their clients.

What we did:

- fully customized wage calculations

- automated contract generation

- online handling of payments

- connecting with the external Dimona-service (BE)


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